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November 3, 2015 -    Election Day

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UPDATE:   Below is our response to the recent Democrat piece calling us liars about Ron DiMura's past financial history.  

It continues to be a shock to us that the Middlesex Democratic Committee, knowing the Middlesex Republicans

would not make any claim without thorough investigation and concrete proof, continue to demonstrate the total lack of respect and disservice to all the citizens of Middlesex, Republicans and Democrats alike, when they see no shame or remorse when making statements that are clearly not true.  


A link is included below of the actual PILOT agreement for 150 Lincoln Boulevard.


Middlesex needs better leadership than the Democrat team is willing or able to provide.  41 of 45 years is enough.

It's time for a change.

It’s Time to Vote!!!!!

Election Day is November 3rd!

Polls Are Open from 6AM to 8PM



Vote for Robert Sherr for Mayor.

Vote for Nancy Purcell-Holmes and

Melissa Fedosh for Borough Council


"I always believe that ultimately, if people are paying attention, then we get good government and good leadership. And when we get lazy, as a democracy and civically start taking shortcuts, then it results in bad government and politics".


These words are very prophetic as they were said by Barack Obama.  Think about the quote and you can see that his  administration has capitalized on our apathy and now you know how many of the ridiculous and unfair policies coming out of our government get by.  We just take it and don't think there is anything we can do about it.


We need change.  In the federal government, in the statehouse and it starts with our own borough.  Our best weapon to force change is to vote for it.  Tuesday November3rd is our chance to vote for the changes we want to see happen.


Our opponents in Middlesex Borough have tried every tactic they know to keep you from looking at the real truth. They bend, stretch, and ignore the truth  in their carefully worded statements.  It's all for their own benefit. They then cry foul, personal attacks,  when we counter their claims when in fact it was them that started the whole discussion in the first place.  Again this is all a smoke screen to keep us from looking at the truth. The Democrats have hit a new low this cycle as they tried to wait till the last minute to confuse the voters by making a ridiculous statement that Ron DiMura has not had any "recent" bankruptcies.  They were hoping that people will think that the Republicans were lying about his financial past.  Another distraction.

The PILOT program is a tax incentive requested by developers that is put in place to help them defray start-up costs on their project.  Instead of paying taxes on the assessed value of their property they pay a reduced portion based on their revenue.  This is a tax incentive plan for a developer.  It is not the windfall the Democrats want you to believe.


The simple fact is they have had control for 41 of 45 years.  The bad and ugly of where we are is because they put us there.  Who else can it be?  They say they have plans.  What are they waiting for?  Another 40+ years? 


The Republicans have a plan.

Look at the information presented on this website.  There is a wealth of relevant information there.  The choice will be clear.


Vote for Robert Sherr for Mayor.

Vote for Nancy Purcell-Holmes and

Melissa Fedosh for Borough Council


We can make Middlesex better, and we will.



The Middlesex Borough Democrats would want you to believe that our issues regarding Ron DiMura are nothing more than personal attacks.  

Our position is this:   In Middlesex Borough the mayor has virtually unlimited access and control of the Boroughs day to day finances.  Although we did not always agree with the monetary policy of Ron Dobies, his character was never in question.  However, we feel that Ron DiMura has had such a large number of financial issues including multiple bankruptcies, judgments and professional censure against him, several of them very recent, that we feel he cannot be TRUSTED with ANY financial responsibility in Middlesex Borough.  

Click on this link to see the readily available public information we used to form our opinion.




FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – Effectively Managing Our Municipal Taxes

  • The Middlesex Borough Republican Team is committed to providing efficient, quality effective municipal services with the lowest possible impact on our municipal tax structure.

  • Unlike the past Democratic controlled Mayor and Council; Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh, will establish zero based budgeting and long term planning that has been absent under democrat control.

  • They will require full justification of all budgetary requests to fully establish the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal programs.

  • They will actively seek out Federal, State and County grants; and continually review services to ascertain where shared services can further reduce local tax dollars.

  • They will work to effectively improve the borough’s bond rating by adhering to a long-range capital improvement program.

  • They will invest in energy efficient programming to save our tax dollars. Past Democratic leadership has always talked of investing in solar energy and green initiatives; we will get the job done!


  • The Middlesex Borough Republican Team knows that our local business community has not been dealt with fairly by the current Democrat controlled leadership.

  • As Mayor, Robert Sherr will propose integrating our Planning and Zoning Boards to streamline new development and reduce the costs of providing professional staff to both boards.

  • Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh, will also finally establish a realistic Redevelopment Plan that meets the current needs of our Borough.

  • They will work to have the governing body and our professional staff to review all ordinances and regulations to make sure that are up-to-date, do not provide for unnecessary regulation, and are appropriately interpreted.

  • Under the current Administration it has been almost two years of endless meetings with the business community to come up with a fair an equitable sewer ordinance that addresses the concerns of all involved. A new sewer ordinance should fair to all parties (residents & businesses).  

  • Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh, will establish a new Business and Economic Development Committee committed to encouraging the growth of new business in our community; and working with our existing business community to make our municipal services more user friendly. We will work to establish programming aimed at addressing the ever-increasing vacancy of our business community.


  • The Middlesex Borough Republican Team is committed to keeping our community safe.

  • That is why they will work closely with our Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management and Rescue Squad to see that they have the resources and means to keep our borough safe.

  • Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh, and will work with our Police Department, Board of Health, and the Middlesex Board of Education to provide programming aimed as addressing the ever-increasing drug problem in our community.

  • The Republican team will work with our Board of Health and with the Middlesex County Health Department to expand community health education and environmental programming aimed at addressing our public health well being.

  • They will continue to support and work with the Green Brook Flood Control Project to address long-term control of flooding.

  • They will also continue the program initiated by Robert Sherr when he was Mayor, to seek out Federal, and State funding to buy out those properties severely impacted by continued flooding. They will work closely with our Office of Emergency Management to assure that we are adequately prepared for flooding or any emergency impacted our community.


  • The Middlesex Borough Republican Team will work tirelessly to provide the most efficient, effective municipal services for our tax dollars.

  • Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh, will work closely with a Professional Administrator to establish goals and objectives for all our municipal departments to eliminate wasteful spending and discontinue ineffective programming while expanding those services meeting and exceeding their program goals.

  • They are committed to establish a short-term, and long-term plan for each municipal department. They will work to develop a Borough Organizational Chart to provide for clear line of authority, update existing job descriptions, and develop / implement evaluation tools to effectively improve our municipal services.

  • They will work with our Municipal Department of Aging and Senior Services to expand services to a wider segment of our senior population.

  • They will work with our Recreation Department to develop a master plan to address all programming, fields, and resources.

  • They will work to establish an improved relationship with the Middlesex Board of Education to coordinate within areas of mutual concern.

  • They will work closely with our Middlesex County Freeholders, and State Representatives to make sure that our residents are receiving all the services and representation that we deserve.

  • Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh will work to establish a citizen friendly culture at Borough Hall.


  • The Middlesex Democratic leadership always talks of “Restoring Confidence In Government” that they control. They talk of cutting wasteful spending and improving municipal services, WHY HAVEN’T THEY?

  • To date, the Democratic controlled governing body has spent the last two years trying to hire a Professional Administrator; WHY CAN’T THEY GET IT DONE?

  • The Middlesex Borough Republican Team is committed to hiring a Professional Administrator to effectively run the day-to-day operations of the Borough.

  • The Republican Team of Robert Sherr, Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh, will also propose televising governing body meetings to make our government more transparent to our residents. They will work closely with our Professional Administrator to assure residents that our Borough Website is informative, easy to navigate and kept up-to-date.

ROBERT SHERR, NANCY PURCELL-HOLMES and MELISSA FEDOSH, have served the Borough of Middlesex for many years.  They are concerned that the decisions made by the DEMOCRATS WHO HAVE HAD CONTROL OVER THE LAST 41 of 45 YEARS are endangering the future of the Borough.  2015 is a pivotal year for the Borough and voters will have to make a choice as to the path taken. We will bring the HONEST, REPONSIVE and DEDICATED government Middlesex Borough needs to keep our citizens safe, our infrastructure sound, and essential services intact while keeping our taxes under control.




In addition to our door to door campaigning, another year of our successful meet and greet meetings are underway.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet the candidates and discuss the issues.  

Nancy Purcell-Holmes and Melissa Fedosh Borough Council candidates and Robert Sherr our candidate for mayor.   The Fedosh family.



August   9             9-11:00   Victor Crowell Park

August 30             9-11:00   Mountainview Park

September 13    9-11:00   Victor Crowell Park

September 27   9-11:00    Mountainview Park

October 11          9-11:00   Victor Crowell Park

October 25          9-11:00   Victor Crowell Park

November 1       9-11:00   Mountainview Park

Friends - 

It's hard to believe but campaign season is here.  We have several important upcoming events and we need your support.  I'm proud to report that our 3 councilpersons are working hard for you.  Despite our minority position our voices are being heard and with this upcoming election it provides the people of Middlesex with the opportunity to make the changes that Middlesex needs.  

Our campaign was hard fought last year and this election figures to be even harder.  With your support we can make this happen.  

It starts now!!!


The Borough of Middlesex Republican Organization meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM at the Beechwood Firehouse.  All are welcome and are encouraged to attend.


John Erickson


Hello All,

In a predominantly Democratic town the people of Middlesex are getting fed up with the status quo.  Our taxes are high relative to our peer group and our level of services received is not in balance with the amount of resources we as taxpayers put in for them.  We need change in Middlesex and our current regime for the last 30 years has run its course.  The Middlesex Republicans must be agents for positive change.


In Middlesex the margin between victory and defeat is small.  More than ever every vote counts.  We need to stay involved in the actions of government and hold them accountable by our power to vote.


Middlesex borough wants leaders with integrity.  The public trust is something you earn by your actions not given just because of an oath of office.


Middlesex wants action not rhetoric. Crime down, rocks moved,  open space opened,  odors and stenches eliminated, ordinances followed and our Middlesex quality of life to improve.  


We are listening Middlesex and we will try our best.  


As Republicans in Middlesex Borough we make it our mission is to work for the betterment of our town.  Our goal is for Middlesex Borough to have effective and efficient government and to improve the quality of life for all Middlesex residents not just the chosen few.  Please get involved. Our meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month, 7:30 at the Beechwood firehouse.  Please come.  Your input is appreciated and welcome.


This is our town.  Let our voices be heard. 




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