UPCOMING EVENTS ---------------  November 2, 2014 -- Meet and Greet 9-11 Victor Crowell Park   ------------------------   November 4, 2014 -  Election Day ----------    

Upcoming Events - 

November 2, 2014 -    Meet and Greet 9-11 Mountainview Park

November 4, 2014 -    Election Day

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John Madden 


Long term resident 30+ yrs.

Local business owner over 34 years. 

Board of Health 28 yrs. Last several as president 

Economics commission 

Flood control commission 

2x's Recipient - Middlesex Citizen of the Year Award 

Married to Barbara. One son Kyle.

John "Jack" Mikolajczyk jackmikolajczyk@middlesexrepublicans.com 

Resident since 1990 

Manager at Pamarco Global Graphics 27yrs

Middlesex BOE 6yrs, President 5yrs

Middlesex Borough Budget Committee 2 yrs

Rec Coach and Volunteer 13 yrs 

Cub Scout Committee Chairperson 5 yrs 

Married to Janet. 3 children. John, Mark, Lisa


Our 2014 YouTube Campaign Series is underway! 

Click on the pictures or the links below to get to our YouTube channel.  We are directly addressing many of the campaign issues in addition to telling the TRUTH to several of the Democrats statements.  As we expected its started off mild but the campaign is really starting to heat up.


Our Platform
Door to Door
Abandoned Structures
Dr Alieta Eck for Congress
Credit Rating
A Complete Playlist

The DEMOCRATS Claim of a higher Credit Rating is Misleading!!

The Democrats did not do their homework.  Their claim of a higher credit rating due to "fiscal responsibility" is a bit away from the truth.  The S&P system for ratings was changed with a result being 41% off the Municipalities reviewed in 2014 receiving a higher mark.  Moody's which is the industry standard for Municipal credit ratings has "withdrawn" our rating.  A bit of grasping at straws here as a relative rating change on a new scale will be of little real value to our borough..  

See our video --- Credit Rating

Read the reports ----

S&P Defends Higher Credit Ratings

Has S&P Been Exaggerating Local Governments Stability? 

Congressional Candidate Dr. Alieta Eck 


Dr. Alieta Eck, our congressional candidate for District 12, has been to Middlesex Borough several times over the campaign cycle.  This is a real shot in the arm for us as our organization is putting Middlesex on the political map.  Please support her on November 4th.We fully endorse her and 


Click on picture to enlarge.   Click on picture to enlarge.   Click on picture to enlarge.

See our YouTube. ----- Dr Alieta Eck for Congress

Campaign Response Mailer


Our Democrat friends like to get creative with the Truth.  This was our response.

Click to enlarge.Click to enlarge.


In case there was ever a question about John's character.  This letter speaks for itself.
Click here to read the letter.



October 11, 2014 -      Meet and Greet 9-11 Victor Crowell Park

October 12, 2014 -      Meet and Greet 9-11 Mountainview Park

October 25, 2014 -      Meet and Greet 9-11 Mountainview Park

November 2, 2014 -    Meet and Greet 9-11 Victor Crowell Park - Senior Citizens please stop by for some coffee and donuts

In addition to their door to door visits, John Madden and Jack Mikolajczyk are holding a series of meet and greet meeting around town to give all the citizens an opportunity to meet them and to discuss the issues.  Jack Mikolajczyk said "These events are a win-win all the way around.  The events are typically well attended with people who have a genuine interest in Middlesex.  The open discussions are insightful and really help to get a 360 degree perspective of the issues in our borough.  If you want to get a real feel as to what we are all about; come to one of these.  You wont be disappointed."

Some Pic's from our last Jozanna's Fundraiser.

John, Jack and Freeholder Candidate Stephanie Bartfalvi   BMRO Chairman John Erickson, Vice-Chair Nancy Purcell-Holmes, Borough Council Candidates John Madden and Jack Mikolajczyk   

<<<<<  Signs are in. 

E-mail us at info@middlesexrepublicans.com if you want one.  First come first served.

Hello All,

In a predominantly Democratic town the people of Middlesex are getting fed up with the status quo.  Our taxes are high relative to our peer group and our level of services received is not in balance with the amount of resources we as taxpayers put in for them.  We need change in Middlesex and our current regime for the last 30 years has run its course.  The Middlesex Republicans must be agents for positive change.


In Middlesex the margin between victory and defeat is small.  More than ever every vote counts.  We need to stay involved in the actions of government and hold them accountable by our power to vote.


Middlesex borough wants leaders with integrity.  The public trust is something you earn by your actions not given just because of an oath of office.


Middlesex wants action not rhetoric. Crime down, rocks moved,  open space opened,  odors and stenches eliminated, ordinances followed and our Middlesex quality of life to improve.  


We are listening Middlesex and we will try our best.  


As Republicans in Middlesex Borough we make it our mission is to work for the betterment of our town.  Our goal is for Middlesex Borough to have effective and efficient government and to improve the quality of life for all Middlesex residents not just the chosen few.  Please get involved. Our meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month, 7:30 at the Beechwood firehouse.  Please come.  Your input is appreciated and welcome.


This is our town.  Let our voices be heard. 




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