Middlesex Republican Donations

We are a non-profit 503 organization.  Everything we get goes to the operating expenses of the organization.

Does anyone get a salary from the organization?     NO

Where does the money go?     Some of the money (a small amount - really) goes for things like the website license, etc..  The majority of our fundraising is for the costs related for running campaigns for our candidates.  That's it.

Why donate?    Even in a town like Middlesex it costs money to run a campaign.  It is our hope to run a competitive campaign to give our candidates the best chance of winning.

Why?   To best affect change in our town we need representation in the town government.

How do I donate?   Simple - Make a check out to "Borough of Middlesex Republican Organization" and mail it to P.O. Box 324. Middlesex, NJ 08846.  

Or --- come to one of our meetings and give it in person.

We value the resources we receive and will use them wisely.

Please donate today to help our cause.